Newely built computer turned on for 1 minute and now won't boot


Recently, I had just finished building a new computer.

P8Z77-V LK
i5 3570k
ripjaws x 1600 4gb x 2
EVGA GTX 660 ti

We finished it, I plugged an hdmi into the video card and the other end into the tv. I plugged it in, turned it on, and the computer began running. LEDs were all on, fans running, cpu fan running, all of it. Nothing came on screen and after about a minute the computer shut down and refuses to boot. I tried the paperclip method and I think it's the PSU as it did not kickstart. Is there something I'm missing or does this sound normal for a faulty PSU.

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  1. after your computer has stopped booting when you press the power button what happens? do any fans spin up? nothing happens?
  2. nothing happens. He's picking up the same psu at microcenter and if it works he'll rma the other one back to corsair.
  3. Given the circumstances, does it sound correct that it would be the PSU? I find it odd that nothing displayed on the screen but I am led to believe that the psu was not supply adequate power to the video card before dying.
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