ASUS amd 6670HD GDDR5?

Hello community i have question does my PSU 1 years old can run AMD 6670 ASUS GDDR5?

My RIG specs.

CPU-Intel celereon dual-core 2.5 ghz E3300
PSU-Modecom 350W PSU
DVD-1 DVD cheap basic i dont know model.
HDD- 1HDD 160 gb western digital and mybye gona add one more 250 gb so add this too.
Monitor- shi* samsung Syncmaster 795MB pretty old display 2005 year but good for me never breaked from 2005.
USB-Connected i have 4 1.Keybord 2.Mouse gaming GXT 32s Trust 3.USB flash drive 4.Printer cable
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  1. ON a generic 350 watt PSU, it would be iffy. If your PSU happened to be running very well, it will run. If there are any issues, it won't. Up to you if you want to take the risk, it MAY work with no issues, it may work for a while then kill the card or PSU or the motherboard or all 3, it may not work with no issues, it may not work and fry the card or the motherboard. You need to decide if you want to take the chance of any of that, or spend 40 on a better PSU. Or you could get a 7750, it will use about 10 less watts than the 6670 but is more expensive. You have a greater chance of not killing your system with a 7750.
  2. Hmmm i dont want to FRY mobo and others so i think i have to buy 500W PSU?
  3. LagerLV said:
    Hmmm i dont want to FRY mobo and others so i think i have to buy 500W PSU?

    If you want to be sure that you will have no issues withe PSU, yes you want to replace your brand with a better one. You don't need a 500 watt one though, a 400 will do just fine, although the price difference won't be much at all between those.

    Here is a link to a good thread about which brand you'd be OK with, look at those listed as good in your area for prices and models.
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