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On my desktop, the internet has been slow for a few weeks, some websites load instantly, while others take forever, or never load alltogeather. I today noticed that the connectivity symbol in the task bar showed an x, and said i was not connected, even though i could load websites. I opened up the properties window of my local network adapter, and it says connected by IPv4 it says internet, but beside IPv6 it says no internet access. Could this be why my internet has been so slow, and what can i do to fix it. Thanks for any help! :)
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  1. I doubt your ISP provides IPv6 to your place. Do you have the issue only with your desktop while all other PCs and/or servers access the same sites instantly?
  2. Yes, everything works fine on other pc's. My desktop is the only one running slow.
  3. Same type of connection for all systems? Are you running something on your PC that isn't installed on the other ones? I've seen that on two of my PCs, but that's because my son downloaded and installed a bunch of games and some of them seem to cause issues. In my case, a restore from the last complete backup takes care of the issue.
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