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Hi everyone,

I hope i can find some help with an ongoing issue i have.

I built a 2nd computer for my little brother to use when he comes to stay, using old bits i had, e6600, asus striker extreme and some ati card (i forget which), regardless its all half decent components,..........the trouble i have is the following, after a couple of hours of use the computer randomly goes to what looks like a sleep mode and doesn't wake up.....then when you try to power it back on using the power button, all the fans spin but it doesnt post at all....i have to leave it for roughly 2 hours or so, so i was thinking a heat issue ?...i have checked the obvious and it is set to never on computer and monitor to sleep, and hard drive shut down is off also.
So i figured it may be a heat issue ? but i had coretemp going, and nothing peaked over 40.

So im at a loss, i had a desktop fan blowing in the case but still the same, also i should mention the system is not overclocked.
And when i used it for my main system, i had no trouble with it at all.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. Could be a power supply problem. Do you have another PSU to test in it?
  2. Check all the connections, especially the power to the motherboard. If everything is tight, it certainly sounds like the PSU. What make/model is it?
  3. tried 2 PSU's both cheap ones though, ill get back to you once home from work and let you know the model.
  4. Do you have another motherboard? It could of fried if PSU's are fine.
  5. Ok sorry for the delay, the psu is a cheapo "ace black edition A-550BR 550W.
    I may try getting my hands on a half decent PSU then see if that rules out the problem, so could be motherboard also then ? could it be the thermal compound on the cpu ? its probably 4 years old now.
  6. For motherboard take a flashlight and look at the capacitors to see if any are bulging or leaking as those things would be tell tale signs of your board. For GPU, you could repaste with artic silver 5.
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