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Multi-Monitor Setup - help with graphic card

I am in the market for a new graphic card. My current card is a Asus CUII GTX570. I have a 2 monitor setup and need to add a 3rd one for work, which is why I need to buy a new card. My PSU is a corsair HX650W.

I am looking for roughly the same or slightly higher performance on my new card. Eyefinity/Surround is not a priority for me as most of my gaming will be on single monitor. I mainly need the 3rd monitor for productivity although I may occasionaly wish to play games on surround/eyefinity.

Budget is not an issue but at the same time I would not like to spend more than I have to and it HAS to be a single card (single GPU). I live in Australia and this is where I'll be buying my parts from -

Some of the cards I've been looking at are -

Sapphire Vapor X 7970 GHZ 6GB -
ASUS 7970 CUII -

Some of the lower end cards that perform similar to my current gtx 570 -
EVGA 660Ti 3GB SuperClocked -
ASUS 7850 CUII -

Im not sure if the high end cards are overkill for me or worth the buy. The Sapphire Vapor X 6GB comes with a miniDP to DVI active adapter which is about 60$ if i buy seperately. The ASUS CUII cards have Displayports instead of miniDP which might be more convinient.

Also which of these 2 monitors do you guys recommend.
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  1. 7970 all the way man :)

    Also I would go with the LG monitor. Looks pretty nice!
  2. Both of them are LG monitors, one is an IPS panel though while the other is a regular TN Panel.
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    Even though I use Nvidia surround I would also suggest the 7970. Even though it's a little overkill for what you wanna do, but you are future proof and if you ever change your mind about 3 monitor gaming you are all set.
  4. Is there a reason why you can't just add a second cheap graphics card to drive the two non gaming monitors?
    You can find a card that will use any pcie slot, even a X4 slot or a pci slot that will work.
    A minor advantage is that you gaming monitor will get the full set of resources from your gaming graphics card.

    If you are otherwise satisfied with the gaming performance of the GTX570, that is the way to go.

    If you want more performance for gaming, then you need to make it a biggish jump. Otherwise, you may be disappointed if you don't see a big improvement. That means either a GTX680 or 7970, either of which will attach three monitors.
    The third attachment will need to be via HDMI, so verify that your new monitor has that option.
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