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I have a Netgear WNDR3700 router. For the past year or two it has worked great. Now I continue to have problems and honestly to the point of buying a different router. First, here are my configurations followed by my problems with the router..

Laptop and iPod Touch are the only two items that I run wireless. Everything else including my TV, Blu-ray player, PS3 and Xbox 360 have a physical wired connection. I have a cable connection from Time Warner Cable (RoadRunner) and that is connected to the router. I pay for the so called "Turbo" RoadRunner package and suppose to get up to 15 Mbps. This is NOT the case. MY router configuration looks like this:

On the Basic settings configuration page I have both the IP and DNS set to receive IPs automatically from my ISP, no domain name or password set, and I use my laptops MAC address for access to router. I have WPA2 security set. For the added security, I enabled wireless card access for both my laptop and iPod using their appropriate MAC addresses. On the LAN page, I changed the IP from the basic to and also have DHCP enabled from to On the WAN page, I enabled DMZ for my PS3. I used for the DMZ IP. Finally, on the QOS setup page, I enabled QOS using LAN Port 1 (which my PS3 is wired into).I have my NAT type set to OPEN. That is pretty much it.


1.) When I go to use my laptop, sometimes it has a wireless signal and other times it cannot connect to the internet but I can access local network. I normally unplug the modem and turn off the router, then fully power up the modem and then turn on the router. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. :(

2.) I CONSTANTLY get dropped connection and/or cannot connect to host errors while on the PS3. Sometimes it just freezes. When I do have a connection on the PS3, I check my download, upload, and ping using both, and and always have sub par speeds. Sometimes I am lucky to even have a 1 Mbps connection. My ping is always high. Usually I ping anywhere from 100 to 200. I have by-passed the router and went directly to the modem with both the laptop and PS3 and have no connection or speed issues.

3.) When I have no wireless internet connection on the laptop, I will run Windows troubleshooting problem and sometimes it will say it cannot find a problem. Other times, and most commonly, it will say it cannot connect to DNS servers.

Can anyone PLEASE help as this is a huge annoyance and very bothersome. I greatly appreciate any comments. Happy Holidays Everyone!:)
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