Upgrading my old pc

this is my system

i7 930 2.8 GHz
6gb ram
gigabyte 720 watt
WD blue 500gb - WD green 1TB
Case thermltake V3

iam going to change the video card for sure but i`m confused which one should i pick the GTX 660 ti or 7950

iam looking to play guild wars 2 and other games but the main game will be GW2 i guess those cards will be more than enough

iam wondering if 720 watt will be enough or no ?

and yea i feel there is something wrong with the temperature


that`s not normal right? btw i took that picture while i wasn't playing

any other idea i should change in my pc ?
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  1. 7950 or gtx 670 is a good choice
    720 watt is plenty
    i cant look at the pic you posted as my school blocks photobucket :/

    i would suggest getting a good cpu cooler and overclock your i7 for more performance
  2. Your CPU and MB are fine. You won’t get enough benefit from upgrading to justify the expense yet. Wait for the new die set.

    Upgrading to either graphics card will do you a great deal of good. As to Radeon vs Nvidea, thats personal preference at this point.
    CHANGE that power supply out. It might still be working for you but multi-rail power supplies are dangerous.

    Pick one that is single rail, 80+ bronze and from a reputable company (Antec, Corsair, Thermaltake, Seasonic)

    For temps, get a Antec H20 920 or Corsair equivalent. It’ll keep the PC at room temp even with aggressive overclocks. It’ll set you back $70.
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