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currently running dual monitors in extended desktop. one is used for gaming other for web etc... using 6570 in dual graphics mode with my A8 apu. I have been able to play kingdoms of amalur on high settings with one monitor but now that i have 2 hooked up t the card i am getting a lot of micro stutter. I have a SFF case and I do not want to replace my case. What would be my best solution for gaming and keeping dual monitors (again i only game on one)? the best low profile card i can find is a 7750 which would not be as powerful as my current dual graphics setup. My motherboard does have two pcie16 slots so i can install two gpus. my original plan was to use 2 6570s and no longer use my A8 for dual graphics but im not sure if this would help. another option is buying a 7750 and using that for gaming and the 6570 i have for the monitor used for web etc..

i was toying with the idea of buying a 6850 but i would have to carve up my case for it to fit and dont really wanna do that and dont really have anything to cut my case panel.

any thoughts would be highly appreciated.
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  1. give link to case please.

    those small cards aren't going to do much for you as far as gaming goes.

    how much do you have to spend ..... in reality......... and don't forget the link......... to get good card that will fit hopefully.

    and did you look at the 650ti's ? they are "stubby" but have better performance than the cards you mentioned.

    thats for the case. i would like to keep it low but if need be i could go $150-200 if its worth it
  3. does that thing need a low profile card or will a standard card fit /........ and I'm getting tired so i might not get back to this until tomorrow.
  4. needs low profile
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