Problems with my graphic card(s)

hi there,
i'm jurgen and i got a (major) issue with my laptop. I recently bought this new laptop for €600-ish. I bought it for normal games like Minecraft. The processor is fine, but i'm not happy with my graphic card(s). I bought this laptop cause of the graphic card in the laptop description. (a Radeon blah blah blah) My issue is that games detect a second graphics card. (an intel 4k) i figured out that i had two cards, but the intel seems to be the main one, although the Radeon is twice as good! I can run Minecraft, but that's it. The computer does detect the Radeon, but it doesn't use it at all and you can't use any program to see stats.( like temp. and stuff) It feels like i wasted my €600. Is there any way to make change this? It'd be amazing if someone could respond to me. I got to ask you to keep it simple, i'm not good with computers.

edit:mI already posted this on a dutch forum, but i won't get any good feedback. I know my English isn't amazing, but I tried my best.
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  1. Did you get the latest drivers from AMD's site?
  2. Try looking in the bios for a way to turn off the one you don't want. That is probably the only place that you can do it.
  3. thank you both, will try it later with a friend that knows a little bit more about this.
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