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Hi, I am about buying a new graphic card and I decided to buy the HD 7750 but there are manufacturers Gigabyte with 1GB of GDDR5 and there is Sapphire with 2GB GDDR3

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  1. 1GB will be fine for a 7750. It isn't really powerful enough to utilize 2 GB. Just like the 1GB and 2 GB 6950s which performed the same.
  2. Awesome thank you
  3. Also, since the Gigabye is Gddr5 it will perform better than the gddr3 card.
  4. OK so the GDDR5 is better?
  5. Yes you want GDDR5 and you will notice no difference between 1GB and 2GB for gaming with a 7750.
  6. fine thanx a lot
  7. By the way will this grhpic card will work on the max of it with FSP 350W active PFC PSU?
  8. Yes. It will work fine. If you can stretch your budget a lil, get the 7770.
  9. I wish I wanted to buy HD 7770 at first but I couldn't find a website that ships to israel
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