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Workstation card VS. Gaming Card

Thanks in advance for your help.

There's a specific rendering program that requires an Nvidia card to use. Since Nvidia workstation cards (Quadro) are incredibly overpriced, I'm wondering if anyone has any information pertaining the potential of using a high-end Nvidia GTX for rendering purposes (Solidworks, etc.)

Has anyone ever found any benchmarks containing both workstation and gaming cards for solidworks-type applications?
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    If your primary usage is doing modeling and rendering in Maya, AutoCad, and programs like that- keep the Quadro FX but realize it's going to perform about like a $50 gaming card. If you're primarily gaming then keep the 5770.

    Workstation cards are a world apart from consumer gaming cards- the ATI Fire and Nvidia Quadro cards are engineered to reduce rendering times from hours to minutes, not to pump out high framerates in games.

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