GeForce 8800 GT stuck at 16 colors, blown motherboard capacitors

Hi guys!

Long time ago, about 2008, I bought this MSI NX8800GT Zilent 1G graphics card to use with my MSI K9N Diamond motherboard.

This summer, on two occasions, my VGA suddenly got stuck at 640x480@16 resolution and it didn't got better even after I installed the newest NVIDIA Graphics Driver.

The Windows 7 Bubbles screen saver says that it cannot run, because the VGA doesn't support Direct3D, which is pure nonsense, but obviously the VGA isn't working properly.

I realised that the problem is with the VGA itself after I installed an older MSI NX7600GT VGA on my PC and the screen was as normal as always at 1280x1024@32 resolution and the Windows 7 Bubbles screen saver is running with no problems at all.

I also noticed the bad screen while configuring my PC's BIOS, which confirmed my suspicion that the problem is definitely with the MSI NX8800GT Zilent 1G VGA.

I took the VGA to a repair shop and they fixed it on both occasions, telling me that they only had to clean the VGA's chipset and the VGA's PCI connector.

But now I am experiencing the same problem again and the repair shop I took the VGA on the previous two occasions has moved to (for now) an unknown location.

I took the PC to another repair shop and they told me that the VGA is probably not working properly because of 6 or 7 blown capacitors on the motherboard, but my PC works with no problems at all with the other VGA, the MSI NX7600GT which I am using at the moment.

But I am worried about the MSI NX7600GT as well, because if its true that the blown capacitors on the motherboard can damage my VGA, then I must replace them as soon as possible.

But still, I know that the MSI NX8800GT Zilent 1G can be fixed, because it was already fixed on two previous occasions.

Does anybody knows what the problem with my MSI NX8800GT Zilent 1G VGA is, and how can I fix it ?
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  1. 8800 GT was known for overheating issues.
  2. unreal9400 said:
    8800 GT was known for overheating issues.

    You are probably right, I just got the VGA back from a friend who works with electronics, he fixed the MSI NX8800GT Zilent 1G, I installed MSI Afterburner, and the VGA's temperature is 51°C at start up.

    I must replace the cooler of this thing with a new cooler, but I guess I will have to replace those 6 or 7 blown capacitors on the MSI K9N Diamond motherboard as well.

    Thanks for the info.
  3. unreal9400 said:
    8800 GT was known for overheating issues.

    My two have never overheated.
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