Need hd graphics card for dell xps 400/9150

Hi, I have a dell xps 400/9150.Was my son,s computer.It has a radeon x1900 graphics card in it now.Was told it's not hd.Has the original power supply that came with.Told it is 375 watts.I'm also going to up the memory as well in it.Currently at 1.5 gb.Going for 4gb.
Computer specs are:
Intel pentium D cpu 2992mhz 2 cores 2 logical preocessors.
Windows 7 he 32 bit.Have the software for 64 as well available.

i'm using a samsung 40" hdtv as my monitor.I want to upgrade the memory because of the constant stopping and buffering.Any help would be appreciated.Also looking for a good video downloading program and converter.I use windows media player.Any suggestions on a better player would be helpful as well.
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  1. Are you talking about buffering when you are trying to stream videos? As far as i know that is based off your internet connection speed... not so much memory.
  2. Yes I am.My internet connection is 10 meg download and 1 meg upload.
  3. run speed test. see how fast it really is, test it twice, one close by and one far far away.
  4. I just did and it came back download 8.89-10.22 upload .73-.76. Is that good?If not what can I do to improve it?
  5. What I'm actually looking for at this time is a graphics card that is HD.As I said earlier I have a widescreen HDTV.It's full Hd 1080i.Want to watch movies and online tv in hd.
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    Lossless Color Compression (up to 6:1) at all resolutions, including widescreen HDTV resolutions

    From what I read there it seems like your card already supports HDTV resolutions... Are you actually having issues with this or have you not even tried it yet?
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