I was wondering if it was possible to have the A8 APU and 2 6670.
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  1. Most likely not.

    And it's called "CrossFire".

    SLI is for nVidia cards.
  2. nope.
  3. It is possible AFAIK, but driver support is probably poor. You could PM tourist for more info about it, he may be more helpful for this question because he's talked about having attempted this with his Llano systems before.
  4. Just get a Radeon HD 7750 card for about $100. Trying to run two 6670's in crossfire will not result in a significant performance boost over running a single 7750 and using the 7750 avoids the complications of crossfire.
  5. As far as I know 6670's only support dual x-fire and even then its kind of limited as it doesn't require a bridge, I think that its more like some hybrid xfire, so I don't think it would work throwing another APU at it... could be wrong though...

    Either way I seriously doubt its all going to add up to some sort of miracle machine that beats any of the recent mid range cards...
  6. So in all could I buy two 6670s and then disable the APU graphics and only use the two 6670s?
  7. Why would you even do that. An Apu is made for cheap budget gaming, maybe with one graphics card like the 6670. If you're going to buy 2 6670s, it would just be stupid. Just get the 650 ti or the 7770. Although, it would be a complete waste of money for your apu build.

    If you really wanna do something like that, that won't waste your money, just get one 6670, and save up a lil to get a new processor and a whole new build.
  8. two 6670s cost as much as a single 7770 and would perform worse while using more power and causing more headaches.
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