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Gtx 560 TI . FPS ?!?!?

I just bought a new gtx 560 ti .

I have an g620
8gb 1600
750W psu
1280*1024 monitor
asrock e3 gen 3

In all my games i get max 60 fps . not higher.

What is wrong
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  1. Is V-Sync on either inside of the games or in the Nvidia program?
  2. Yup vsync has to be at that res you sgould be running in the 100's fps
  3. So this monitor is a 19 Inch with 60 hz . Should i disable vsync ?
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    V-Sync restricts your FPS to match the frequency of your monitor (60hz = 60fps). You can disable it, but I don't believe your monitor will let you "see" the additional FPS anyways.
  5. ah ok . i set it to 70 hz than but 1 question .

    How can i see the max hz of my monitor ?
  6. 60hz is likely the max.
  7. hmmm now im on 70 Hz. and frames got 70 too :)

    I disable sync and it raised up to 267 :D :D

    But it is better with sync :) there are no strange numbers xD

    Thank you
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