APU 3870k Quad Channel Memory

Hi Every one , i have a question about if APU A8 3870k (I mean the 6550hd) is supports Quad Channel Memory interface , to get 256 Bits.

I have this processor with dual channel memory setup and i see a huge increase of speed when jump since single to dual channel.

Ty very much.
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  1. Benchmarks say you will get maybe 1 or 2 percent increase from dual to quad memory but and apus love higher speed ram look at what 2133 MHz ram cost compared to 1600mhz if the 2133 ram is close get that instead
  2. Yea , i know that, but for example 2 x 1600 mhz at dual channel get 25 gb/s , 4 x 1600 mhz at quad channel get 40 gb/s , the HD6550 with 40gb/s of memory bandwith will be awesome, but the question is... The APU 3870k technology , supports quad channel?.
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