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Hd 7750 having poor display problem

hello,i just bought HIS hd 7750 but i am not getting game resolutin up to the doubt the card is faster than zotac gt 430 which i was using previously but the games looked more brilliant in colours in gt 430.i have tried every setting in ccc but all in vain.the games are running smoothly but the colours are inferior than gt 430.plz help me to solve this issue.

My rig
intel core2duo e7300@ 2.66 ghz
4gb ddr2 ram
window 7(32 bit)
gigabyte 945GCM-S2L( PCI-Express)
Monitor-Samsung Syncaster S20B300 (1600*900).
PSU-Frontech(ATX P4 POWER SUPPLY JIL-2414B).450w and 18Aon +12v trail.

dealer said the the problem is due to the above psu.he said to purchase more powerful psu,then only hd 7750 will run perfectly.
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  1. The PSU you have is fine. so long as it has the proper connector for the card.
  2. so what could be the problem.i have updated my drivers and checked ccc.why i am grtting dull colours in hd 7750?thanks
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    Hello Spykar_911,

    I would recommend you going to your AMD Catalyst Manger and play around with your Digital Vibrance, Hue, Contrast, Gamma and Brightness settings until you get your desired colors.


    Quick Edit: Digital Vibrance is Nvidia only, for AMD you'll have to manually tweak all the base colors; just tried on my laptop and it works.
  4. thanks,i will try and reply back
  5. I am curious how this ended up? I will most likely have the same scenario. I will be going from a gpu similair to what you had which was an nvidia to an amd.
  6. zeymere said:
    I am curious how this ended up? I will most likely have the same scenario. I will be going from a gpu similair to what you had which was an nvidia to an amd.

    Keep in mind you can have almost the exact same color reproduction** between two cards of the competing generation; assuming your using the exact same hardware (specifically the monitor). However, it may require a bit of tweaking and fine-tuning to acquire it.

    **Note: I can't say 100% since they are different cards, however you can achieve color reproduction so closely that the naked eye will never notice the difference anyways.

  7. hello,today i finally bought new Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU which is 80+ has the rail given below
    Current at DC Output of +3.3 V: 20 A
    Current at DC Output of +5 V: 20 A
    Current at DC Output of +12 V: 28 A
    Current at DC Output of -12 V: 0.8 A
    Current at DC Output of +5 V sb: 3 A
    now ,according to the dealer there should be no problem for running the card smoothly.he has also replaced the card with the new one(same model-HIS hd 7750 ddr5).
    but when i tested it on nfs the run ,again i am having the same issue of colours and textures.the difference is so much in the colours and textures that i dont want to play this game on hd 7750.i have again checked ccc setting and monitor settings,but all in is still performing lesser than gt 430.i dont know whats the actual my old psu was just enough to run this card,i have wasted money for buying new psu.but now,i have decided to sell this hd 7750 ddr5 card and buy nvidia card again.i dont know how many peoples are disappointed with amd cards,but i am one of them.i will never buy any amd card again.
    thankyou all for giving me your opinions and precious time.
    now i have decided to buy gtx 550 ti.can anybody tell me about this card's performance.i can't buy any costlier i have already invested on new card and psu.till then ,i will use my old gt 430 ddr3 card.
  8. i am also thinking of gts 450 or gtx 650.which one of the above three cards is best value for money and also good with my new corsair psu?thanks.
  9. someone told me that hd 7750 ddr5 is,if this is true ,then cant use gtx 550 ti or gtx650 either.plz tell me whats the problem with my hd 7750
  10. plz help,hd 7750 performing poorly.
  11. i sent my card back to the dealer to check for any problem.he checked and said that there is no issue with hd,finally i sold my hd 7750 .now i have purchased ASUS gtx 550 ti DirectCU card.this card solved all of my problem.and gtx 550 ti is not,there was no issue of bottlenecking for hd i think that nvidia is better than amd.happy to switched back to nvidia.i would suggest anybody having old configuration like mine ,can buy this card without any doubt
  12. ok i get it.....
  13. Best answer selected by Spykar_911.
  14. Thanks mate.
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