Need to return GTX 680

I recently purchased an ASUS GTX 680 (TOP Edition) and I need to return it. I contacted Newegg but they will charge me an $80 restocking fee.

So my question is: should I keep it and try to sell it or send it back to Newegg and take the restocking fee?

The card is now discontinued by ASUS, but is a great card. The box was opened by me, but the card was never used.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Why do you need to return it?
  2. bystander said:
    Why do you need to return it?

    I need to buy a cheaper card. The ASUS GTX 680 TOP was too expensive.
  3. Just get a GTX 680 Signature
  4. I would try and sell it on amazon or ebay.
  5. Rockdpm said:
    Just get a GTX 680 Signature

    Returning the card I currently have I would lose $80. The question here is whether I should take the restocking fee or try to sell it on Ebay or something.
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    Given that your reason is price, it's not likely you will come out ahead with a resale or restocking fee. At this point, you probably will just have to use it.
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