Inno3D Nvidia GTX670 - Problems (Driver?)


I'm not overly optimistic as I have done some reading around and not come across a solution for this. Basically, I've put a new system together over the last day, and, while it's been a while since I have, I am pretty sure I did it right. Accordingly, I installed Windows 7 64, and everything seemed to be fine. The machine detected the card because it flashes it up as it boots before the BIOS options flash-up. The display was plugged in to the card, and ran fine at a non-hardware supported standard. As soon as I installed the drivers, the system would boot up until that first Windows 7 logo bit, then freeze, turn off the monitor or reboot and play the same game. If I then start in safe mode, I can still get in, but every time I tried normally, no joy. I did some of the obvious things like install newer drivers, turn off onboard gfx etc., and also uninstalled them completely (at which point it will go in normally again). As such, I'm left with no real clue but can only conclude it seems to be a driver issue. There does seem to be a definite problem with this around the web, as I say, and no-one has found a definitive solution. OK, some people didn't have their card in right, or the power firmly in, but mine is.. anyone know anything about this?

System is as follows, and BIOS seems to recognise all this fine:

Intel Core i5 3350P 3.10GHz Socket 1155 6MB Cache
Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Socket 1155 VGA DVI HDMI 7.1 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9 1.65V
Western Digital WD1001FALS 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache
Inno3D GTX 670 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card
XFX 550W PSU (550 meets the GPU recommendation and should be fine)

Any ideas at all, or should I just give up hope and RMA it? I can't imagine the card is broken, as such, but.. if there is a driver issue this fatal it's pretty poor.
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  1. No clues? I'd appreciate some input; I'm pulling my hair out a little..!
  2. Where did you get the drivers? If you installed the ones that came with the card, throw those out and download the latest drivers from
  3. This might sound silly or out of left field, I had a similar problem with my old setup, and it turned out the monitor was going bad, can you try it on another monitor? Or another computer on that monitor?
  4. bystander - thanks, I had already tried this approach, from the standard ones on the disc to the most recent stable ones, and also the newest beta ones. Nothing changes!

    jossrik - thanks for the suggestion. The monitor is 100% fine, I'm sure of it. It works flawlessly on my old (this) system, and isn't that old.

    So I'm still left thinking it must surely be the driver, or some kind of conflict.. but I cannot begin to think what else is wrong.
  5. i would like to know if you found a solution... because unfortunatelly i am having the exact same problem as you.. with almost the exact same build. only difference is my motherboard is a bit more beastly than yours. but I make it to the logo, then it freezes up. i have had it running a few times. then after any reboot.. boom.. its down again. and gets locked up at the logo, then screens go black.
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