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hello everyone,
I am not sure whether i am making a thread at proper place or not, so forgive me first. I need your advices on what to do next or which course to join? I have already covered CCNA knowledge completely and after some days I will be starting with CISCO security (just CCNS). Well, this is just the fundamental on networking. I have just covered C language, this week i am starting with C++, and followed by C# and .NET. The remaining languages like Python and some of PHP i will start after some time. I am in the process of learning Linux, i downloaded some E-books on RHEL, which i am practicing on VM machine. but it is really a very aching job to read whole of those E-books . I guess this would be enough to lay down the foundation for starting to learn Hacking (Ethical Hacking). This is the field that gives me alot of energy. I have focussed on going in Network security and hacking field as a career. I am in the field of Radar technology presently. Well , i have 7-8 years remaining in my current job, and i guess that is quite sufficient time.
Now the question:- I am not finding enough material (tutorials, videos, studdy material) over internet. Will it be mandatory to undergo a costly CEH training course? or somebody can cover it up by self preperation & then appear for certification. Can somebody help me getting some good study materials (any torrent? ) ? Whatever be the means, i have to get the knowledge. I guess i have explained the situation completely.
So Please guide me through this, & keep remember that i have focus on future career, not just for fun sake.
Thanks to all...
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  1. i done CCNNA 1,2,3,4 at college and the Cisco netcad website where you take the tests have really good study material
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