Is a Fan cord laying on top of the GPU going to cause problems?


I just built my new computer, and the cord on of my case fans has fallen and is laying on a very small portion of the top of my graphics card (the top part is exposed). Is this going to cause any problems, or can I just leave it? I would be an easy fix, but it would be a pain to move back to an area with no run to change it. I am monitoring the temp and it seems fine, I just want to make sure that it won't short out of something like that later on.

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  1. if the cord is not getting to hot so it will burn try to fix it with a tye wrap
  2. ^Seconded.

    Even if you rig it up so string is holding it above the surface, it'd be an improvement.
  3. Well the cord may get in the fan and when it spins it will pull all the cord and it will slowly start to take off the case fan and "eat" it, so then the GPU will have two fans. This is an "easter egg" on how to put 2 fans on a single fan GPU. Just kidding, just do as scout_03 said.
  4. It's perfectly fine.
  5. the melting point of plastic is higher than the temp of top of your GPU. Bonkers to worry about it. Leave it alone and let it rest there.
  6. Nothing to worry about.
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