660ti VS. 7870

Hello there. talking a little on this message board yesterday i decided to return my GTX 650 as it doesn't quite satisfy.

i checked out some prices today at an electronic store and came up with-

PNY GTX 660ti = $300 (15 rebate)
ASUS HD 7870 = $255 (20 rebate)

i found this site to compare the two.


so the 7870 seems to be the better choice comparing details (and price, i dont reallllly want to spend 300 if its not worth the difference)

But the 660ti beats it on-
Memory clock with - 3004 MHz, 6008 DDR - (7870 @ 2400, 4800 DDR)
texture fill rate with- 102480 MTexels/sec - (7870 @ 80000 MTexels/sec)
shader processors - 1344 (1536) - (7870 @ 1280)
texture units - 112 (128) - (7870 @ 80)

So how important is this stuff?
Im just looking for the best gaming.
thanks in advance!
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  1. Well I have a couple of questions to kind of point you in the right direction.

    What is your current setup

    And what games do you intend to play? Some games use Physx that's why I ask in most cases this wont effect the games you are playing but if you play games like Batman AA or AC, or even borderlands 2 you may care a bit more because it will change the feel of the game.

    Also the 660ti is regarded as too expensive for what it is and people will suggest the 7850 or the 7950 as better alternatives.
  2. The most important thing is the framerates in the games you are playing. Take a look at this. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/548?vs=647

    According to that, the 660ti and 7870 produce very similar framerates in most games. Since the GPU's are produced by the different companies using different architectures the comparisons between the clocks, fill rates, shaders and texture units is not a 1:1 comparison. The only way to compare them is based on their performance in the games and applications that you are using. The webpage you linked only compares the specs not the actual performance.
  3. AMD Athlon 2 630 Quad Core.
    4 GB DDR3 system memory
    and shoot... i just spent a few minutes looking and cant figure out what kind of motherboard this comp has.

    the comp is a HP p6654y (prebuilt comp) i upgrades power supply to corsair tx650M
    and video to GTX 650 (which im returning)

    Games im going for are Counter Strike Global, currently getting 30-40 FPS, maybe upwards to 60 at times at medium settings.

    and gonna be getting Star Craft 2 pretty soon here.
  4. Its better to match a card to your system. Like Bigshootr8 asked for the cpu, mb and ram should be listed so we can recommend the best card for you, also a power supply would be good to have. Most played games or games your wanting to get and the resolution that you game at.

    If your getting close to $300, I would recommend the 7950 but at $255 I could argue that the 7850 is a better deal. Now if you find a 7950 with rebates down to about $280 then for me it would swing back into favor.

    Sapphire 7950 ~ $285.99

    and FarCry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman and 20% off MoH:Warfighter. ~$50-$60 for free

    Edit: Thanks for listing the stuff. was typing this message when you did.
  5. Np. ill try to always list my components in the future.

    $250 or less sounds the best to me. bbbut i have to keep in mind, my comp is probably a pos. and ill probably be upgrading in the future, but id like to take with me these new items im buying (power supply and video card)

    so with that said, ill go the 250-300 range... but only if its WELL worth the difference.

    so its a no, for the 660ti. and go for the 7870 or the 7950?
  6. I guess my only question would be with his current CPU would he see bottle-necking. But if you are getting a new video card and a new power supply I suppose its not a bad idea. MY rule of thumb is get what you can afford. If you have no intent in the future to get a SLi/ or CF setup I would get a 600/700watt psu like these. I would say yes the 7870 and the 7950 will give you more performance at that price point unless you are set on physx on nvidia brand name titles its better to go with the AMD solution.

  7. ok cool, ill see what i want to fork out and go for the 7870 or the 7950.

    thanks again
  8. If your wanting to stick with AMD look for a good AM3+ mb. They have said that until they go to 22nm they are going to stick with AM3+, so that means the next 2 generations and the 2 current gens, you could use the same MB and processor.

    Your processor will bottleneck both of those video cards, however if your looking at the future, I would go with the 7950. The potential for longer lasting video card. Like I posted, I'm not looking to upgrade from the 7950 anytime soon. I'm aiming for 3-4 years out of the card.
  9. Once overclocked the 7870 beats even 670s. That being said I would get the 7870. You will be happy you did.
  10. Video cards when overclocked to that extent tend to shorten the life of the video card. How I look at this is, I buy the 7950 which is a bit higher in price, ~$60, plays everything on full now(maybe not with your processor but you did say your looking to upgrade that also). When it starts to show its age, over clock it a bit and run wild for the next 1-2 years after that.
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