Gutting out an Old CRT display in a 2000 IMac G3.. HELP!!!

Hi There, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to disconnect and remove a CRT display from an old computer.
Please, please let me know asap as I'm on a tight schedule and have to get this done tonight, so that I can start building the PC this coming weekend (I go to school but didn't have it today because of Hurricane Sandy, but have school tomorrow and won't be able to work on it)
Thanks so much for any and all advice!
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  1. What you are asking here... is in the wrong section of the forums. :D

    But removing a CRT may and will be very dangerous. The capacitors powering a CRT Screen uses voltage beyond three digits. (1000v+)
    Touch one of those, and you will probably have serious injuries.

    You cannot just "Disconnect" a CRT from that IMac, but you'll have to cut the cables. And by cutting those cables, you take off the insulation, and you can get shocked.

    Overall its a bad idea, and most people would go against doing that. But if you accept the risks, you can try wearing a insulated glove or a very thick cotton glove.
    Cut the cables attaching the CRT To the case and take it out by paying attention to not touch any of those big capacitors.

    -Hope it helps! :)
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    Update :
    I have found a very detailed IMac G3 Disassembly Guide. You can find it here, it contains a lot of pictures, and explains every step.

    Its not only for the CRT though, it explains the entire Disassembly.
    For only the CRT part, you can skip to page 71.

    As a off-topic question, doesn't the Hurricane in NY City makes schools closed for two days? (From what I heard) Monday and Tuesday? :P

    -Bloc97 :)
  3. Thanks so much! That really helped a lot... I just cut the cables... the Imac hasn't run in about 2 years so there was no charge at all...

    I actually live in Virginia so we had no school today in my county but they're putting us back in class tomorrow :cry:
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