Two 6950 and one 5850 installed on one pc possible?

Hi Friends,

I'm having two 6950 1gb on crossfire installed working on two monitors.

Is it possible for me to also install my 5850 1gb as a seperate working GPU for running additional monitors, like 6950 1gb CF are now one GPU unit and the 5850 1gb is now my second GPU.

MY motherboard has four pci express slots to hold up to four cards. 890FX amd chipset.

Thanks and let me know,
So then i could finally employ that 5850 thats biting the dust.

But i dont want to try it without first knowing if its possible as i may risk damaging my system components if its not possible.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you won't short your board by having them all at the same time haha. As long as they aren't connected in crossfire, I don't see why you couldn't use it for a separate monitor, but then I'm not 100% sure of that...
  2. With that Antec TPQ-1200 PSU you should have no problem with running the three cards. But if one of your monitors have a Display Port input you would not need to add another card to push 3 monitors and you would not have the added heat that you otherwise by using 3 GPU's. The 6950 are hot by them selves without adding more into your case. I know my Sapphire HD 6950>6970's can handle 4 independent monitors or a 3way Eyefinity plus my Panasonic 50" 3D Plasma with no problems.
  3. Wow im so happy! GREAT!

    I'm planning to right now remove the crossfire strips from my 6950's
    put my 5850's

    and simply have my main monitor on the 1st card, my second and third on the second card and my fourth and fifth running from the 3rd

    6950 1gb - 27inch main monitor
    6950 1gb - 22inch x 2 monitors
    5850 1gb - 22inch x 2 monitors

    All connected on DVI!!

    WOW my jobs done! wow!

    I just need for trading.

    Also my 6950's are getting pretty hot on crossfire even when im not gaming, i have set the fan speed manually at 70% just to keep them 62celcius and below at all times.

    For now my only gaming is the casual counter-strike global offensive on steam multiplay.. otherwise i dont have any game on my pc, i just need 5 monitors for my work!

    Thanks... after im done with my work today. Gonna try installing this 5850's and remove crossfire and have my second monitor hooked to each one after the other to check if they are working properly individually!!

    Love ya1
  4. OK I just did so,

    6950 crossfire & 5850 single works fine together.
    Also confirming 6950 with crossfire removed also is working fine along with 5850
    Also confirming second monitor connected to DVI of second 6950 and re-boot and connect to 5850, is also working fine.

    So this means if there is no need for eyefinity and only multi-monitor needed for work or multi tasking.

    Then can connect 3 to 4 monitors on each card and three cards means that minimum of six monitors using only the standard two DVI ports of the cards.
    and 12 monitors can connect using the two DVI's and the Display port directly or with DP to DVI/VGA adapters on three radeon cards.

    My problem is solved and i hope others may find my discovery useful.
  5. By the way i find no noticable difference in desktop.. the monitors still work in extension of the desktop, i can move my mouse from left screen to right screen and it works like as if connected to same card, but i have connected them to two different radeons on same pc.

    By the way without crossfire, now the cards tempratures are down to 42~45celcius at 70% manual fan speed from 62celcius+ ... have a nice day!
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