Gtx 650 or gtx 550 ti

I want to know why there is more review on the gtx 550 ti
and not much on the 650?

and most of the pepole recommend on gtx 650 and not
the gtx 550 ti ?

I want to know what to buy before i buying?
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  1. the 550ti has been around for a lot longer than the 650; which has only been around for a month.
    if you want reviews, take a look at

    really the 650 and the 550ti perform and cost about he same. most people will recommend the 650 because it is lower in power consumption and has that "new card smell".
  2. Never Settle !! Go for an AMD GPU. :bounce: :hello:
  3. Heironious said:

    550ti is better. Don't know about the 650ti.

    oh RLY?

    that is a horrible site to compare gpus. it is better to use gaming benchmarks as opposed to tech specs.
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