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External TV Tuner+STB gives a black and white display with S-Video

October 30, 2012 7:22:23 AM

I have a PC monitor. I watched TV on this using an external TV tuner box just like this


having ports : ( and it worked fine.

Now we have digitization compulsory in our area. So I have brought a SET top box to be attached to it. The SetTop Box has 4 ports
1. One Antenna In - Connected to the cable connection from the cable operator
2. One Video Out (Composite)
3. Two Audio (L+R)

Now I have an AV cable which I have connected to the back of set top box in the audio video ports.

On the other side of the cable I have hooked both the audio cables together using the connector like this (

and on the remaining yellow video cable I have attached a connector like this ( (rca to s-video) since the TV tuner only had the option for S-Video in. Moreover the cable shipped with the TV tuner box.

I am getting both audio and video. but the issue is that the video is BLACK AND WHITE. There is no problem with the signal that I receive from the operator as I tried with RF modulator and it worked. The only thing is very poor picture quality.

Also the TV tuner box can detect NTSC/PAL. I have also checked that. No issues with that.

Am I doing anything wrong?? Please help.