Electric shortage or something like that? (computer wont boot up properly)

Hello, i was just wondering, with all these wont boot up , no usb power topics, i have a problem of my own i quess, yes it is simial to all the other stuff, there is Just one stange aspect in my problem: I Can get my computer to boot and and have running it for 30 days straight(i quess this is the oddpart, (cant be from ram/electric taking contact somewher it should/psu nor motherboard), cause i think it should be able to run up if there would be problem in these? The thing = only way all most 95% of the time i get the computer booting IS turning the power switch on, pressing the power button on front of the computer, all the fans start to roll and stuff, but it wont boot up, heres the trick i do: Quickly turn the power from PSU off and the back on, like 4secs after, the fans slow down like they should run normaly, and the computer boots up just fine, Just that this allmost feels as a luck when it happens, all the random, tryed unplugging rams, removing GPU and stuff, have changed thermal pastes even from CPU, But if there would be power outtake, the computer should boot up under any circustances? Any Ideas? i can live it with but i quess this is no good for the computers part, and yes, the computer is homebuilt, problem occurd after like half a year of usage, didnt happen Just after i build it up, can anyone help.?
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  1. Computer Case Thermaltake v6 Black (ANTEC PSU BASIQ POWER BP500U-EC 500W)(Power supply)
    Keyboard Microsoft Sidewinder X4
    Mouse Microsoft Sidewinder X8
    Harddrive SAMSUNG F3 3.5" 1TB SATAII 32MB 7200rpm & SAMSUNG F4EG 2TB 3.5" SATA2 5400RPM 32MB
    Memory TakeMS 4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit(2x) + G.SKILL 8GB DDR3-1333 KIT(2x) Ripjaws 9-9-9-24
    Processor Phenom II X4 975BE/AM3 3.6GHz 8MBL2 125W, ~3.6GHz | SCYTHE Mugen 2 rev B CPU-cooler LGA775/1156/1366 AM3/AM2+/AM2
    Motherboard ASROCK AM3 AMD770 DDR3 SATA6 USB3 ATX

    Custom ZALMAN MULTI FAN SPEED CONTROLLER 6CHAN, added up fans connected straight to fan controller,

    and if sum1 suspect some computer parts, this should be complete list what i have plugged in for the system
  2. Please write in paragraphs next time so that people are willing to read. It makes much easier to read as well.

    The problem comes from ur PSU. Looks like some of the capacitor have problem discharging the power. If u can RMA it, then do so. If not, u can either buy the new PSU or continue doing what u do.
  3. yeh sorry for that, just i did the post on side tab and didnt think i wrote it that long, but post-notes, can that be harmfull to rest of my system if i keep doing so?
  4. peterown said:
    yeh sorry for that, just i did the post on side tab and didnt think i wrote it that long, but post-notes, can that be harmfull to rest of my system if i keep doing so?

    Bad capacitors can cause unstable voltage so, it is advisable to change if you want to keep ur system set-up for more then 1year.

    The voltage fluctuation can fry the parts.
  5. Thermaltake SMART 550W - 80plus Bronze - Cable Management

    Well, new power suply ordered, hope this solves the problem, thanks for the heads up :p
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