When i power on the samsung led tv the picture appears in distorted manner and a

i have a problem with my samsung led tv and when we put it on the picture appears but in distorted form and after that i poer on and off the tv several times then it becomes fixed and the picture is fine again i dont know but i think something serious is wrong with this tv can any one suggest any thing thanks..
Majid khan
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  1. Have you solved this problem yet? I have a similar problem with 40 inch Samsung LED tv (model number: UE40D5520RW) the picture became distorted (12 months to the day of purchasing it). There is a line about a quater of the way up and the picture below the line is fine and above the line it is really distorted especially in the top left hand corner. Holding the Exit button down for 15 seconds to reset the system solved the problems the first time but after a couple of days the problem returned. Switching the tv off for an hour and then back on sometimes solves the problem but this should not be happening on a tv that is only a year old. Any suggestions to fix this problem permanently? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. just realised that I registered with the wrong email address so if you reply to my post please post it on here rather than sending me a PM
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