Error on Boot Up - This Computer Has An Added in graphics Card......

Hi All,

Now I know from searching other threads this has been addressed and I am struggling to resolve this on my Dell PC for the following reasonms;

a.) I had a cable that I believe split the signal from the slot causing me the issues but I have lost this cable and I do not know what cable to search for on the internet to repolace it as al the ones I look for refer to DVI adaptors which I don't believe I have.

b.) I can't access the BIOS as when I hit F2 or DEL or any other suggested key it says it is entering the BIOS then returns to the message every time I release the key "This computer has an add in graphics card, but the monitor cable is plugged into the integrated video connector, To attach the monitor cable to the add-in graphics card:

1. shut down the computer.......", if I hold down the key permanently the beep sounds continuously and just hangs!.

c.) I have one remaining slot that I don't know what purpose it serves but perhaps it could be used with the right adapter if I knew - please help as this is driving me mad!! The remaining slot has 3 rows of 15 pins and a fourth row of 14 pins, one missing pin 3rd from right on fourth row

Any helo would be appreciated to get this monitor working as I don't want to start taking out cards etc. - I am a fair novice so don't know makes and models of PC and graphics cards etc, inherited PC and it used to have 2 monitors running off of it hence the reason I was given this adapter I subsequently lost when we moved - all I want to do is replace it but can't figure out what to buy!!

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