Radeon 7850 2Gb on a AMD X2 4600+

Hello :hello: ,

I have this doubt cause my 8800GT just went dead :cry: .

I have a AMD X2 4600+ on a ASUS A8n32 SLI deLuxe with 3GB Ram wich is obvious 6-8 years old and still rocking :) . But as everything it´s going to be replaced, hopefully in a near future. It :pt1cable: can ran Crisis 1, 1.5 and 2 with no probs, but with minimum settings, but that's ok 2 me :kaola: .

If I buy a Radeon 7850 2 GB will it work on my system? I ask this cause on AMD´s site it says it requires a system with a Minimum 4GB of system memory.

Obviously i know my old system will severely bottleneck the new graphics card, but will it work?

My PSU has 700W, so it should not be a problem.
I usually play STO and and once in a while FPS.

Any help would be much appreciated :D , since i´ve googled with but found nothing :( .
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  1. Yes it will work just don't expect a HUGE FPS increase.
  2. It will work, as long as you have functional your PCI Express slots, that card can just work, not properly, or at its max performance, because it needs actually PCI Express 2.0 at least to not be getting bottleneck by bandwidth, thats just a minor issue.

    Also for RAM it doesnt matter, RAM will come in play with the Windows (more ram, smoother Windows experience) you are running and RAM as not conection any way with GPU.

    Just throw that GPU on it, make it run a little longer that system until you have the cash to get pieces of the same level of that GPU.
  3. Thanks for the answers.
    To horaciopz, I only mentioned the amount of Ram because i was surprised to see on AMD website the reference to a minimum of 4GB of System Ram.
    As far I´m concerned, this thread can be closed.
    Thanks again to Kamen_BG and horaciopz.
  4. Just an update for any1 who might be interested.

    Bought the Gigabyte HD 7850 2GB, on W8 desktop my system is a bit slower, but not serious, sometimes the mouse right button options don´t show up.
    In game got my self much more fps, specially in Crysis 1 demo where i can now play at 1900x1080 medium settings :))))

    Final thoughts, my first gen AMD dual core (Athlon X2 4600+) is breathing again in gaming
  5. hafijur said:
    Not trying to wum but that 4600+ with a 7850 is a massive cpu bottleneck. Seriously though even a hd 7770 and you would get same performanceas the 7850 as the cpu is way to slow for these cards especially a 7850. Get a new cheap system with lets say a core i5/i7 quad core or even amd phenom 2 x4 and you will notice a huge difference.


    I am perfectly aware of the bottleneck, but i had to buy a gpu or no computer at all, so i got a 8750 HD, now i´ll start saving money for at least a 8 core CPU.
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