Gaming Computer Build!

I want to build my own Gaming Computer , originally I was going to add these parts to my current PC but instead I just want to make a new computer with what I have.

So I have :
Gigabyte HD7870 Graphics Card
600w OCZ Power Supply

What I need:
Optical Drive
Compatible Case
Compatible Motherboard
Compatible Processor (Preferably 3rd gen i7)
16gb ram

If you could link me to the best parts, thanks!
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  1. If you go to this section of the forums the first thing you'll see are a variety of 'best systems' - find the one most fitting for your needs and see what has been put together there, you may just be impressed (or overwhelmed) with what you find as far as options
  2. i7 isn't worth your Money if gaming is your main concern. Either a i5-3570 or a i5-3570k will be the best option depending on if you're going to overclock.

    Those are the CPUs at stock speeds. You won't even notice the difference. :)
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