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sapphire hd 6850 on msi gf615m-p33

Hello, i am planning to buy a new graphic card well is the sapphire hd 6850 compatible with my mobo msi gf615m-p33 ver 1.2 and also is palit gtx 560 smart edition a good brand?????
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  1. well your mobo has a pcie slot so yes it will be compatible (just make sure your PSU has enough juice to support that card)
    i have never used palit parts so i dont have an opinion about them
  2. yes my psu is ok for the graphic card, does the pcie version matter???
    the palit gtx 560 is the same price as the sapphire hd 5450 which one to choose i don't know!!! thank you for your reply....
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    pcie version doesnt matter as the newer pcie 2.0 and 3.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0
    i would go for the 560 if i had to choose. remember you get what you pay for so if you get an older card dont expect to max out games
  4. even if it is smart edition??
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