New build in planning, need help and outside opinions

any help would be greatly apprecieated
im building my own desktop and ive already got a windows 7 OS i can use
its going to be for a little bit of gaming but nothing too intensive, mostly just minecraft maybe some WOW or LOL, skyrim, those sorts of things. i might buy a graphics card to add on to the motherboard after i build it if i decide i really need it but ima try and avoid it if i can (i know i know itl do better with one but still) so is this motherboard capable of having one added in? and are all of these parts compatible with eachother?
just wanting to make sure everything will work well together and get some other opinions.
heres what ive picked out so far. ITEM - PRICE - S&H - URL

Tower - 40.00 - 4.00 -

Power - 46.00 - FREE -

CPU - 180.00- FREE -

MB - 105.00- 7.87 -

RAM - 41.00 - FREE -

HD - 65.00 - FREE -

Optical - 20.00 - 5.00 -
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  1. You have no graphics card. Vishera does not have onboard. Besides, for gaming Intel is much better. How about you give us a budget and we will pick something for you?
  2. total im looking to spend around 550 -600, is there a motherboard with a built in graphics card that would work with that processor?
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    i understand you are trying to stay away from purchasing graphics card right away but the motherboard you have picked does not have integrated graphics on it

    i would suggest this
    ASUS M5A88-V EVO AM3+ AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard

    as it has onboard ATI Radeon HD 4250 and you can upgrade to a better dedicated graphics down the road once you realize how slow 4250 is :D
  4. sorry i didnt see your post before i posted mine haha and that one you picked looks great to me ^.^ plus its cheaper and has room for me to add a graphics card a little later if i do end up getting the extra money and need to :3 thanks so much, and is there anything else you see a problem with?
  5. are you going to be gaming at all? also for 5-10 more you can get corsair 1866 2x4gb if you really want
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