New Build Project vs old current PC

Hey all, new to this forum (new poster, been reading for many months).....

Looking to build a new box slowly, so i can build the best for what i can afford, etc (in £.....)

What i've looked at:
CPU: AMD FX-4170 4.2ghz ( - £92.00 (I did consider the AMD FX-4100 4 core which is cheaper mind....)
Mboard: Gigabyte SKT AM3+ ( - £62.00
RAM: Crucial Rendition 4x4GB DDR3-10600 already owned ( - £0.00
CASE: CiT Gaming Case 4 fans ( - £35
PSU: CiT 750w PSU ( - £30
GPU: Palit GeForce GTX650 2GB ( - £102
I have a DVDRW/mouse/keyboard and x3 SATA HDD's already....

Want to spend max £330 on the above...
I picked the CiT PSU, not cos i need 750w power, but read some promising reviews so figured worth giving it ago (despite others saying its poo! :kaola: )
I'm guessing the above would probably not need that kind of power, but for £30, figured it should at least do the job (amps ??????)

Main use for a Desktop: Gaming..... Main games i play are CS: Global Offense & Left for Dead 2..... Others are QuakeLive, and if i miss seeing cheating tards, i play MW3..... Offline games are things like MOH Warfighter & Crap Ops II ..... and blasting out 80's music!! :D :D :sol:

My current spec is:
HP DC5800 Tower
Intel Core2Duo - E8400 Wolfdale @ 3.0ghz
HP Mboard - std board that comes with that machine :)
8GB Ballistix DDR2 ram
PNY Nvidia 9800GT GPU (runs power from the PCI-E slot...)
Creative X-Audio Soundcard... (which blocks 50% of the fan from the GPU card!!!)
x3 HDD's + 1 DVDRW
Oh, and that all runs off the std 300W BTX power supply (active PFC ????)
Plays all the games above, although the fan on the GPU card is 100% when gaming!!!

I'm hoping going for the new build (using same OS which is Win7 x64) would give better FPS and sexy visuals ?!! :D
And if PSU is picked up on, can I get away with spending £40 on a PSU that will power that lot ? Not going down the X-fire or SLI route either.... single card...
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  1. hello there
    i think you got an overkill on the ram for the future build, 8 gigs is plenty for a gaming pc
    yes that psu is overkill but if you're getting a good deal on it then go for it

    you can also consider re using your old case and with the money saved you can get a better graphics such as gtx 670 or 7870
  2. I would still dump that PSU brand and go for a well-known one, you should be able to find a decent deal on a good brand at either amazon, newegg, or ncix.
  3. It is 40A which is typically on 500-600w models which also explains why it only has 1 pcie connection. It doesn't seem explosive but lots of failures. I read that it is made by hec, which I would never recommend. This is 36A, still plenty for upgrading, but is also 80+ bronze. That cit is not even 80+.

    His old case is btx so can't be reused. The cpu is fine, I didn't really look for cases but that case is cheaper on ebuyer. You could go with a cheaper mobo and get a better graphics card (which I would recommend). No point in getting 2gb vram on a somewhat weak card and also the ti version is a good amount better.

    He's not in US, so no newegg or ncix. My guess would be UK from his name. Typically I look at ebuyer, they seem to have better deals and also an easier search.
  4. Yeaa, I figured he wasn't in the US, tried to give a couple, NCIX in the hopes he was a canuck!.
  5. I agree with Chugot9218 & k1114 about that CiT PSU-shaped object. The linked XFX (a Seasonic-built unit) would be MUCH better.
    There is no longer any price point at which Intel does not outperform AMD in games; sad maybe, but true. You ought to be able to get an i3 with a H77 mobo for the same price.
    Your budget is the limitation, but for strength, GTX650 < HD7770 < GTX650Ti; get the strongest of those you can afford. Drop the CPU back from an i3 to a Pentium (e.g. G860) if it lets you buy a better card.
  6. cheers for the replies guys, looking into the links now... US or UK, products the same so i should be able to find the same or similar....
    Having a check on ebuyer now :)

    p.s. any ideas on how my current PC handles all from a 300w PSU ?!!
  7. It's older tech but that does not necessarily mean that it has a high power draw, some of the advances in tech required more power draw, I would say that all the components together are probably rated just below the 300w, and the PSU is probably running at its rated specs. Even high specced new systems really don't need a ton of power if your not going multiple SLI/XFire, but most like to future proof the PSU, as a quality one should last and the ATX standard does not seem to be going anywhere soon. I got a 700w PSU which is probably about 300w more than I need, but I will add another GPU in the future and more drives, and the price difference between a 500w corsair and 700w corsair is not going to be epic, and does not concern me much considering how important the PSU is.
  8. Hey all.....
    Ordered most of my bits, hopefully it will work out OK !! :D

    I ordered:
    Gigabyte 970A-D3 (not the DS3) mboard

    AMD FX4300 CPU

    Corsair 500w PSU

    CiT Gaming Case

    I've got 16GB of DDR3 (1066) ram to go in, as its spare.....
    Best i find myself a Sata DVD drive too! :)
    I'm gonna fit my x3 HDD's into this unit, unless i can find a cheap SSD just to run Windows off........

    Graphics card i am aiming (used cards), is the 2GB 6950HD or the 1GB 7850HD... hoping to spend max £90 if i am lucky!
    Hopefully all that should go together, and i'll continue playing L4D2 and Counterstrike, except with a bit more Ooomph ?! :D
  9. Hey SniperUK that sounds like a nice upgrade, I myself currently can't afford to upgrade to a new rig until the middle of the year probably. Out of interest what will you be doing with your 8GB of DDR2? I'm currently on the hunt for some reasonably priced RAM to complete the upgrade of my current Core 2 Duo. I live in the midlands UK if you are interested in selling!
  10. am sure we can sort something...........
    The stock CPU Cooler that comes with the AMD chip...................
    Would you say that its a decent cooler ? i wont be over-clocking, etc.....
    the case has 4 fans, 2 are manual and other 2 will be system controlled....
    I'll be fitting a HD6950 into this also.....
  11. The stock cooler will keep it plenty cool with no OC but can get a little loud, you could get a cheap air cooler with a decent fan, or just try the stock and see what you think (note you may have to remove your MOBO to install an aftermarket cooler).
  12. so best i order a cooler now, so i can fit it at the time of fitting the CPU, before installing it into the case ?
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