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MSI gtx 660ti work on ASRock h61m motherboard ?

Trying to get my MSI gtx 660ti card I got today to work with my ASRock h61m motherboard. So far, nothing. Anyone have any ideas ?

My hardware that I want my 660 to work with :
i5-2500K Quad
8 Gig Ram
675 Watt
ASRock H61m/U3S3 Motherboard
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  1. need more info - what doesn't work? card not recognized by system? no drivers installed? What does device mgr show for you display adapter? Don't know that mobo but I'm assuming it's PCIE and you've got it plugged in correctly.....
  2. Well, at the present, I am using my motherboard graphics so I can at least see what I am doing. But the card is installed, it is hooked up and I hear the fans doing what they should. I have a PCIe 2.0 Motherboard. I have only basic VGA Drivers installed because I can't install the NVidia since I can't use the card to see it.

    The HDMI wont even recognize to my monitor.. where as I can use the HDMI off my motherboard just fine. I have the card plugged in, there are two 6 pin power cables from the PSU that are plugged into the card. Not sure if that is supposed to be this way, but the manual shows two plugs that need to be plugged in, so I did everything right according to that little quick guide manual you get in the box.
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    first, check BIOS for an option to initialize "PEG" first (Pci Express Graphics). It might be set to "Integrated" or "Onboard"

    Try to boot with a VGA or DVI cable.

    Also try installing the drivers from Nvidia's website, while using the integrated graphics. Then shutdown, swing the cable to the card, then reboot.

    a couple more things:

    reseat your RAM

    reseat the card

    try a different HDMI cable.
  4. Yea, the BIOS shows it for PCIe.. I did try the VGA adapter that came with the card for my VGA cable to the monitor. It didn't work either. My monitor is a SamSung LED Backlit Widescreen 27" Monitor ( SyncMaster SA350 ) in case you needed this info.

    As for reseating, I'm on the computer that this is being used on. So far I can use it with no problems and I have had 7 other video cards work on this board with no problems ( ATI - AMD and NVidia ). But i'll try reseating anyhow. The HDMI cable I am using is the one I am using for this onboard graphics card so that I can reply to the posts here. I do not own another HDMI cable. I'll have to spend another 30 bucks for another HDMI cable I guess.
  5. Well, reseating the HDMI cable worked. I took it out.. waited 5 seconds and plugged it back in and now I'm using my card. Thank you very much for the help.
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