PSU for a gaming PC

Ok I'm not sure on which to choose or how many watts i'll need..

Here's my planned setup:

Intel core i7 3770k i5 3570k
Asus Sabertooth Z77
XFX Radeon HD 7950 Black Edition
Creative Sound Blaster BULK X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series
Asus BC12B1ST
16 gb ram
Western Digital AV-GP 500GB

Any input on my setup would be much appreciated as well

Thanks in advance
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  1. WTF! I chose question its still listed as discussion and i can't delete the thread. It says im not allowed to do that
  2. A mod should be able to change it for you if they spot this.

    Also just type power supply calculator into google.

    As an aside, what is your build for? Becuase currently it looks overkill if it's for gaming. Unless you're doing music production you don't need the sound card either.

    Drop to an i5, 8gb of RAM and get an SSD.

    Also if you're OC'ing you'll want a decent cooler, if not you dont need a K series CPU and dont need a Z77 mobo.
  3. I am definitely gonna drop to a i5 3570k.

    As for the music production, while not being very serious about it, i am making electronic music.

    I want to make a computer that will last as long into the future as possible with a great FPS.

    I got 16gb of ram lying around so I'm just gonna use that.
  4. Is it ddr3 1600+ ram?
  5. I believe so, yes
  6. They're called Corsair Venegance
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