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Nvidia 7 Series

I know there are a bunch of rumors spreading around the web abou the newest Nvidia series, I just have one question:

I am currently running a 470 GTX with no problem whatsoever, Should I:

1) Wait until it completely runs it self out, then upgrade, possibly finding better deals or a new series (Has to be in the next year, my 470 has been over clocked for years)
2) Go ahead and buy a 680 GTX SC + w/ backplate

Please feel free to school me with info!

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  1. is there any game makes you unsatisfied with your current 470
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    Buy it because you have to, not because you have some extra money left over. Remember, chips get faster and faster every year, buy a new product because you need it.
  3. Renz: Of the select few games I play, no. They consist of GW2, Planetside 2, WoW, D3. But I am wanting to get into more graphic intensive games to test out my systems full capacity.

    And Amuffin: Good point. I will wait until the 470 dies.

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