Window 7 SP1 - upgrade broke StartMenu functionality and no icons anywhere

Recently, upgraded W7 home premium to SP1 via windows updater. No errs occured/reported during upgrade... rebooted and "wallah"... no icons visible anywhere, and StartMenu functionality is nonexistent by keyboard or mouse-click.

Reverted to an earlier restore point, but unfortunately that move cost me IPv4 functionality and i could not pull IPs.. spent a couple hours trying to restore my net adapters (netsh interface ipv4 install,, drivers, etc, with no success.... so i imported via USB the SP1 from M$ (W6.1-KB976932-X64) and recommitted myself to stupidity, i mean to the upgrade... IPv4 restored, but no icons, no StartMenu function....

I remember a similar problem with an XP upgrade that required altering Registry values in REGEDIT.. but i cannot find those notes..

your help is appreciated..
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  1. if you press ctrl+alt+delete can you get task manager up?

    if so go file --new task

    and type sfc /scannow and press ok

    if ctrl+alt+del doesnt work try f8 at bootup and pick safe mode and try sfc /scannow

    theres 2 spaces between

    sfc and /

    see if that helps
  2. I think you get a virus hidden all your desktop stuff an dteh menu bar...

    DOn't know if you can do this .... in your User profile go to desktop folder and choose show hidden file... you use see all your program shorcut their.... that means somthing change your file to hidden...

    You can download a program call unhide.exe from here

    and you better scan yoru computer for Virus and maleware
  3. Thanks for the input...
    @mcnumpty -- "sfc /scannow" run as administrator resulted in 'verified 100%'

    @sonexpc -- NAV2011 with recent LU defs runs weekly and ran prior to upgrade..
    *rkill found and terminated a process "Windows\SysWOW64\grpconv.exe" file modified/created date shows it 'arrived' with W7 SP1 -- Google searching that file name does not reveal to me that it is conclusively malicious.
    *ran latest NPE -- it found nothing malicious
    *ran MBAM with updated defs -- found nothing malicious
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