Looking for some opinions on which video card to pick ( $400 - $550 ) range


So I've decided it's time to upgrade my system and after talking to some people I've decided to go with upgrading my video card first.
Here are my current specs:
Motherboard MSI 970A-G45
AMD FX6100 @ 4,1ghz
Radeon 6850
8GB Ram
I use my pc mostly for gaming, at 1920x1080 resolution, however I'm getting a new 23' monitor very soon, so then I'd need something for two 23' monitors.

So currently I'm considering either this

or this


Are there any other good choices? I'm willing to spend this much as long as I don't have to upgrade for a while.
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  1. 4gig version will benefit you with multiple display scenario so go with the second option
  2. Are there any other viable choices? I heard the lightning version of the MSI gtx 680 was a good choice overclock wise too
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