What's the reccomended card for casual gaming

So Rather than have a budget and get the best I can afford, im wanting the best gpu for what I need.

What i will usually do:

High definition video viewing

light gaming (minecraft, team fortress ect maybe other things )

general usage (internet browsing, skying, photoshop work)

3d Rendering (not 247 but maybe once of twice a week)

monitor resolution: 1900x1080

Keep in mind that I would like to not be held back thinking i cant run that.

has anyone got anything right for me for a low price
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  1. low budget cards are 7750, 7770
    mid ends are 7850,7870
    high end 7950,7970,7990

    what is your power supply? complete system specs?
  2. Main specs:

    Power Supply Corsair 500W CX Series V2 PSU
    MotherBoard Asus m5a97 R2.0
    CPU AMD FX-4300

    I would preffer for it to be an efficient card also if that changes anything
  3. As in, power-efficient? I'd suggest a 7850 or a GTX 660, in that case. They're both pretty power-efficient and do decently well at the resolution you're looking for. a 7850 1GB can be found for around... $180 on average, a 2GB for roughly $20 more, and a GTX 660 for maybe $220 or so. However, for about $210, you can also get an XFX Double D Radeon 7870 as well. Any of those cards, and especially the GTX 660 and the Radeon 7870, will work at the resolution you've got very well.
  4. 7850 would be a good choice
  5. My HTPC acts as my backup gaming rig so if I were to buy a new video card for it just to get by until my gaming rig is fully operational again, then I would get the Radeon HD 7750.

    The Radeon HD 7750 is relatively inexpensive at $99 maybe less if you can find one with a rebate. It is a mainstream card so that means you should be able to play most graphically demanding games at 1920x1080 resolution using medium graphic settings to get good (not excellent) frame rates / performance. It also uses very little power for the performance you get; peak power usage is 42w. You don't even need a power connection to the PSU. It is really power efficient and overall I like my HTPC to be as power efficient as possible while still having enough CPU processing power to do some video encoding.

    For a little more money ($130) you can get the Radeon HD 7770 which is about 30% more powerful than the Radeon HD 7750 and it also consumes more power; 73w peak. It will need a connection to the PSU.
  6. You guys are suggesting processors which are for hardcore gaming like battlefield ect. im never going to use that much or need it. I will have a look at the 7750 though, thanks.
  7. If you are looking at the 7750, take a closer look at the 7770 also, its a good bit better then the 7750 and you can usually find it for $10 more or even on par with the 7750 pricing wise.

    I use the 7770 in my HTPC build that doubles as light gaming and it works great, although my tv is only 720p.
  8. im British so the difference is £20. that sounds good, thanks guys. How do i select best answer?
  9. Try it now.
  10. One last idea for you. If you have some time, why don't you look at a 1GB version of the HD 5670 DDR5? It's a great card and would fit nicely with your requirements, and I suspect you could find it very cheap. I have one, and it's perfect for my casual gaming requirements.
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