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Hi guys,
Just got a new Toshiba Satellite P850
It came with a gt 640m
Looking at the nvidia control panel i see the graphics clock at 405mhz and the processor clock at 810mhz
I was just thinking that looking at game tests with the same model on the web and their GPUs seem to have higher clocks are (though i dont know if its the graphics or the processor clock) still the numbers seem quite small so i was wondering if i should try overclock the GPU. If so i also need a program that has a nice user interface and can also adjust fan speed. Ive been looking at MSI Afterburner but i dont know if my GPU is from them.
I would be very grateful for any help, :D
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  1. you can overclock using msi afterburner
    be careful with overclocking a laptop since it has limited airflow provided
    the same model gpus seem to have higher clocks because for example the laptop was designed differently..maybe its a 17 inch so its physically bigger (more airflow, better heat dissipation). the manufacturer has designed the cooling and they tweak the frequency of the gpu to keep the temperatures in safe area so they have lowered the frequency for some reason
  2. I have a 15,6 incher. The fan is open and it cools well during games.
    I havent run into any problem running stuff like Crysis or Deus Ex Human Revolution maxxed out(on 1366 res), but i have Alan Wake sitting on my shelves and though i am confident i can RUN it, i would like to play it in atleast the native resolution. The benchmarks ive found are over here:

    If you look at the skyrim, risen 2 and anno 2070 benchmarks i see some kind of clock number. I dont know if its the graphics or the processor of the gpu(my memory speed is 900mhz so the same). Im sure the afore mentioned games are more taxing on high settings so i just dont know whether to play games according to benchmarks or just try out. Ive now installed the MSI Afterburner and it recognizes my GPU(though not the driver, is that a problem?). Now the only problem is i cant control the fan speed so if i WILL have to overclock, i cant be sure my computer will crash.

    I guess what im asking is just:
    Should i overclock and if so, will i and how should i have to adjust fan speed?
    Trust the benchmarks or experiment on my own?
    Could my laptop get hurt in any of the processes?
  3. On nvidia control panel it was probably just showing the 2d clock settings which it reverts to when your not in game.
  4. On MSI Afterburnet it now shows that my core clock on normal is 625mhz, just like on the site so i guess the benchmarks are pretty accurate. One thing which i now dont understand is that on the benchmarks, an ULTRABOOK performs better than a multimedia laptop with a quad core processor. This blows my mind, because although the clock is faster, should that quad core processor also go some way to improve performance?
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