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I have this problem with my gfx. When crossfired amd apu with 6670 at battlefield 3 I get more FPS than stand-alone 6670, but the overall screen movement on the apu+6670 is very choppy, almost unplayable. Meanwhile why I get less FPS on aline 6670, I can easily look around and not notice (almost) any stutterness. What's the problem?
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  1. the performance of the crossfire will vary not only in fps but also in general smoothness. Some games will not be playable with crossfire due to the performance difference between the integrated and discrete gpus as well as the driver and optimizations in game.
  2. Well that sucks, thought i would get a slight better performance with the APU, just goes to show how marketing works. Should've bought Intel i5
  3. If you want better performance, returning the 6670 and getting a more powerful graphics card and not using crossfire will still be perfectly fine( such as getting a 7850). You don't really need an i5 to play games but it does give the best performance if you want to spend the money.
  4. also make sure you have the latest drivers as they tend to fix some problems over time, its not guaranteed to help but might.
  5. I kinda got better perfomance by going to Gaming>3d app settings and the bottom there's dual graphics mode. Setting it to AFR seems to make it much smoother, almost like a real game
  6. Can anyone expain why activity on the dedicated card only says 0-13% when playing bf3 ?
  7. A few readings later i came to the consclusion that this is a micro-stuttering issue with crossfire
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