Has anyone had Vram issues with GTX 680 2GB?

Hello, i want to upgrade my GPU form GT 440 3GB to GTX 680 Lightning 2GB i want to play games like BF3,METRO,GTA 5 (for future) and i really like to play Skyrim with HD Textures + Sharpshooters ENB and other graphical mods, at single 1920x1080p screen.
Will i have Vram issue with Skyrm and other games?

My specs:
i7-2600 (nonK)
6GB 1333 mhz
GTX 680 Lightning
Pegatron 2AB6 MOBO
Corsair TX 750W Modular
CM Storm Trooper

Your help is appreciated!
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  1. I have a GTX 480, and the only game that seems to use all the VRAM is Skyrim with a ludicrous amount of HD texture mods.

    It has 1.5GB of VRAM, and again that was the ONLY game. It caused only minor stuttering when scenes were heavy with the replacement textures.

    The GTX 680 will be perfectly capable of playing every game, and Skyrim included even if you go overboard with HD Texture packs as I did.

    Again, there is absolutely NOTHING to worry about with 2GB of VRAM at 1920x1080.
  2. I play games such as GW2 and other MMOs mainly(all maxed out), I've never seen my card use more than 1400MBs... I also play at 6040x1200 resolution. I don't see how you could really have an issue on one 1080p monitor.
  3. 2GB is enough.

    I have an Asus GTX680 TOP card. I even took the time to test VRAM usage in many games.

    The HIGHEST I ever got was in Skyrim with the official HD Texture Pack and that was 1.5GB (increased over time and stabilized there). That leaves some breathing room for mods.

    If you afford it ($520 after MIR) and can support a 3-slot card, then the one I one is really awesome and is up to 13% faster than a stock card but quiet and cool (due to the very large heatsink):


    While I prefer NVidia, it's hard to dismiss the current "Never Settle" deal being offered by AMD:


    This card is $80 cheaper, still a great card, and comes with THREE FREE GAMES!
    - Sleeping Dogs
    - Hitman Absolution
    - Far Cry 3

    Wow! What a deal!
  4. If you are worried about Vram, get a Radeon HD 7970 GHZ, which I believe is cheaper than 680 and performs quite a bit faster. And, you get 3 free games.

    If you are bent on getting GTX 680, then I doubt you will run into any wall with the Vram unless you are planning to use it for a long time.
  5. This card isn't as fast as an HD7950 or GTX680 (just below) but I thought I should add it anyway:

    It's an HD7950 that costs $285 after MIR, and qualifies for the free THREE GAMES.
    If you were going to buy those games at a cost of $170 anyway that makes this card cost $115!!
  6. By the time you hit the 2 gig ram usage you will most likely be getting low FPS anyway, so unless you plan to SLI AND use a higher resolution 2 gig is plenty.
  7. If you want the best card, the Asus GTX 680 TOP might be it:

    Click through every benchmark and see where it stands compared to the HD7970 GHz card before you commit.

    The GTX680 also has:
    - PHYSX
    - Adaptive VSync
    - TXAA (hardware support for future AA in Unreal 4 engine)
    - GPU Boost (some new HD7970 GHz have a similar feature, but not the regular HD7970 AFAIK)
    - IMO better driver support (also AMD is laying off people, and their future is in doubt with Intel probably driving them out of the CPU and low-end GPU markets. Even NOW I suspect cutbacks to driver support are happening.)
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