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Can anyone offer any suggestions for improving my planned build for HTPC and gaming please: AMD Pilederiver 6300 Bitfenix Survivor case ASRock 970 Extreme3 AMD 970 Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey 4GB Cooler Master Silent Pro Modular 600W '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply

And a GTX 560ti that I have already got.

This system will be mainly used as a HTPC but gaming is fairly important! Would appreciate any suggestions!
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  1. should work. go for 8 GB though
  2. I have just been told that the i3 3220 would be better for my needs as it will be lower on power for a mainly HTPC system. What do you think?
  3. AMD chips in general in the fx series tend to use a bit more power. Although by going with a i3 you are losing the multi threading beyond 2 cores. If you were talking about getting a i5 i'd say yea do that. Also I agree with screwy about the ram 8 gigs dude low profile ram corsair makes it, g.skill, crucial I think all do. Also screwy love the gif animation.
  4. Have you looked at a Bitfenix Prodigy?

    It's about the same size as a survivor, but (to me) has WAY better aesthetics, airflow, and general design.
  5. Yes I realise I will lose the cores but nothing major will be done on this systen, just tv, movie streaming and some gaming. No video or picture editing.

    Would the difference in electrity bills be noticable with a system thats on 24-7

    As for the case I though the bitfenix prodigy was an itx case!
  6. I'm not sure the difference would be all that felt on a bill. For example the 3570k uses 77 watts of power versus the 95watts of power with the 6300. A lot of games are becoming more optimized around quad cores that's why I was saying you'd lose that by moving from a 6300 to a i3.
  7. What do you think about this cpu and mobo with the possibly of dropping in a 3570K in a year or so!
  8. That wouldn't be a bad way to go. Without knowing the games you play I wouldn't know how hard of a hit you would take core wise.
  9. Well this rig is for my girlfriends house so I can cancel the sky contract and she can have an all in one media center with free to air tv (which I have convinced her is the way to go). The gaming side is for when im there.

    My rig is a 2500k with a p67 ud4, im buying a 660ti and putting my current 560ti in her rig. So its like a second gaming rig that needs not be as good as mine.

    I will play a mixture of games like COD, Hitman, and just a general mix.

    I read this article about head to head power consumtion and gaming difference

    What do you think, considering its a secondary rig and I could drop my 2500k in there in the future!
  10. Great for what its intended use is its not aimed to be the enthusiast gamer rig.
  11. If I were building the small form factor or HTPC, the Silverstone TJ08B-E would be my choice. I didn't see it on Overclockers. Maybe there is a different store in the UK that could find it at? It is mATX though. Here is the link to
  12. Cool, thanks for help help. Its really hard for me not to pick the best parts cause I just naturally want to build a monster gaming rig lol. But I know it must be a HTPC first and foremost and a gaming rig second, that is better than an xbox!

    And I have took you and Screwys advice and gone for 8gb of ram, what do you think of this
  13. @whiteodian, I do agree with you about the case, however I told my girlfriend she could choose the parts for her build as she moans that I pick ugly stuff! So I let her choose the case, which aint bad and I choose the rest. Thank god she never chose a case with a window cause she would want to pick all the other parts too, probably with pink lighting and glitter! I appreciate the suggestion none the less, thanks!
  14. Glitter/Pink lights Gasps! Very dangerous you go first (indiana jones pun) although you can get a maximum gene red and black would look even good to a girl :P if there was a window of course.
  15. Lol im just glad she picked a reasonably sensible case, cause I was worrying a bit. And you're right, if she had spotted all those 300£+ red and black mobos I would have been in real trouble. As it is the rig will cost 300£ and my old 560ti so not too bad. But thanks for your advice bigshootr8 it was very helpful! Speak again soon!
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