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I am going to purchase an HDMI splitter for my computer. My goal is to play movies on my primary monitor (im using dual monitors) and have my HDTV mirror these images. So basically I want to watch movies played on my PC on my TV.

So if I want to maintain dual monitor capabilities as well as watch my movies (played from the primary pc monitor) on my TV (I guess I want my TV to mirror the movies from PC) what is the best way to do this. I have 3 things needed to connect to my PC (2 monitors, 1 TV)..so I need a splitter.

If I want to load/play movies on primary monitor and then have the TV mirror this...would I:

1. Unplug primary monitor, plug in splitter, and then connect both the primary monitor/tv to splitter (leaving the secondary computer monitor where it is)
2. Unplug both monitors...plug in splitter, plug both monitors into splitter, and plug the tv hdmi dircectly into the PC?

Sorry this probably sounds confusing..but I want the easiest way to go from viewing dual monitors to watching movies on my TV. I dont want to have to go through 10 steps to configure resolutions and all that BS everytime. I have no experience w/this so please help. THANKS!
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  1. Does your video card have a 3rd monitor connection? If so, just hook it up as a 3rd display and your display driver should be able to mirror the main desktop onto the Tv.

    HDMI splitter means 2 exact same signals, so it may not handle two disparate displays well.
  2. Also, I am not sure it is still an issue or not but thought I would throw it out there, HDMI signals fade after a certain distance, they sell "repeater" splitters now that catch the signal and re-amplify it if you experience degradation.
  3. No my GPU doesnt support 3 inputs, only two. Are you saying that if I add a splitter you dont think it can handle 2 monitors and the TV mirroring one of them?

    My TV is right next to my PC so the over 10ft theory isnt relevant here, thanks though.
  4. This is really odd... i mean I had no idea that a splitter may not support the 3 devices in this case? I will only use the TV and PC connection when I want to watch movies...will having the TV plugged into my PC at all times even if I am watching basic cable and not using the pc/tv connection affect stuff?
  5. It can handle it, it just expects both devices to handle the exact same signal. So if they are different resolutions or sync rates, you might have problems.

    Personally, I'd run a direct video signal. It could be a very cheap video card if it is just for video playback, like a GT430 or 5450, etc.

    Also, if it is farther than about 30 feet away, you may need some extra hardware to maintain the signal as CHugot said.

    It won't affect your PC to leave it plugged in. You'll have the input switched so your PC won't even know it is there.
  6. Well my gpu actually has 3 slots (2dvi 1hdmi mini) no everything is plugged in ... it only allows 2 devices on at once, and auto switches the third off.

    if I buy a splitter can I have 2 devices (monitor 1/tv) mirror each other and the second monitor be independent (like for dual monitor usage) and have all three devices on at once?
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