Is my power supply enough?

I'm building my first pc for some gaming, I'm not an extreme gamer so I don't fully know everything there is about computers.

I was wondering if my cooler master extreme power plus 500w power supply is enough for my new pc.

My system is as follows (Some parts I haven't bought yet)

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912
Mobo: Gigabyte Ga-970a-ud3
Cpu: Fx-6300
Ram: G.Skill Ares 8gb
GPU: Radeon HD 7850 or 7770 (Haven't bought yet)
PSU: Cooler mast extreme power plus 500w
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  1. it should be enough, but you can do better:

    Corsair CX 430 or XFX 450W will be better deals
  2. Or the Antec VP-450 as well.
  3. Cooler Master PSU are far from being the best.

    Try to get one from a better manufacturer like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, etc...
  4. Thank you guys, I will probably be replacing it at some point then since I already bought it a month ago. It was only $40 so I'm not overly concerned about losing the money.
  5. Well, if you already bought it, you might as well keep it. Its not an awful unit, it just doesnt put out the power stated.
  6. Another question that just occurred to me is will my computer be damaged if it doesn't supply enough power?
  7. If the power supply fails, yes. If you get the Radeon HD7770, you should be fine. You are going to be cutting it close with a 7850, but it would run on that power supply. I would recommend an upgrade with a 7850.
  8. I'm looking at the xfx core edition 550w, would that be enough?
    Sorry if I'm being annoying, but I know NOTHING about power supplies and probably never will.
  9. The XFX would be enough to power any single graphics card on the market.
  10. Sweet thank you
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