What is my PC worth if I sold it?

Hello everyone,

Im trying to get rid of my PC (got a new one) what would this be worth?

Case: NZXT Phantom White full tower
CPU: 2600k i7 (with H50 water cooler)
Memory: 8 gigs
Storage: 2x 64 gig SSDs and 1x 1 TB Drive
GPU: 2x SLI palit 3 fan cooled GTX 570s

And case has all the extra fans ect to keep it cooled, more then what comes with.

Let me know what I can get for it please, thank you.
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  1. What mobo do you have?
  2. What you can get for it and what it's worth isn't the same thing.

    I'd appraise $700-ish.
  3. Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3
  4. what power supply? I'd pay $500 for it, if it had a decent psu, then I'd put $200 more into it for a new mobo.
  5. It also has a Blu Ray Burner but the PS is CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850.

    Think I could get 1k for it?
  6. I'd say about $800-850. You might get a better idea of what it will sell for by seeing what this one goes for http://www.ebay.com/itm/Extreme-Gaming-Desktop-i7-SLI-GTX-570-120GB-SSD-Plays-Any-Game-at-Max-/221166311675?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item337e8a18fb
    Yours is a little better it would probably go for about $50-100 more than that one.
  7. I hate how tech depreciates. This makes my computer look cheap now :(
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