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  1. well im talking SC2, GW2, Company of Heroes, Diablo 3, Aion, Alot of MMO'S and Strategy really. i dont really know many other titles. I dont play FPS on PC. i mean my budget itsnt completly sealed, but i think i can squeeze a couple hundred maybe if thats what were looking for. But official, im set on triple monitor. Will that effect the gaphic quality? Or will it overtime drain components.?
  2. Okay, that actually helps a lot. Those sorts of games are designed to not push computers too much - if you were playing Metro and Battlefield, I would despair.

    Playing on triple monitor only effects the graphics quality if you don't build for it, and it won't hurt your components.

    Honestly, I don't care if you squeeze a couple hundred or not... I'm just looking for a number to play with, so I'm not building blind. Tell me how much you'd LIKE to spend, and I'll try it out and tell you if it's feasible.
  3. I agree with what Dark is saying. The only thing I'm not so sure about is eyefinity because the thing about eyefinity is that you are able to project things over 3 displays or more for a surround experience without really sacrificing a whole lot in terms of performance.

    One tactic you could go at with. Start with something if you see you need more add another this and that.

    For example: You were to get one 7970 and do 3 monitors if you weren't happy with your frames you could go to a 2nd 7970.

    I think it may be a good tactic to do this so you can get a feel for what you need versus what you don't.

    here is a review with a single 7970: I put battlefield 3 as the link so you could look there as its a more graphically intense game that and batman arkham city.
  4. Id have to say no more than $2000-2500. For everything. I mean id like it around $1500, but to have a system worth using, id go that high.
  5. Well... Bigshooter has a very good point, one I should have thought of.

    You can always add another video card, just like you can add a sound card.
  6. for 1500 dollars you will have a very hard time finding a system with 3 monitors and a good gaming machine around it I think 1700-2000 is about where a system like that would cost.

    based on the pcpartpicker

    3 monitors would cost you about 150 per plus if you were to get 2 7970's 600 dollars so you are already looking at 1 grand before getting anything else.
    $450.00+$600.00=$1050.00 w/7950's 3 gigabyte models
    $450.00+$938.00=$1388.00 w/7970's 3 gigabyte models

    Dark may I ask what is a con for having 2 7950's instead kind of getting a little bit of the middle ground. Like this one.
  7. Oh, no con. I was arguing against them earlier because the OP wanted 'all games maxxed,' and that's what'll do that. At this point, two 7950s might be the best option.
    (Though I'm still not convinced he needs more than a single 7970, after reading what he's looking for.)
  8. Oh was just a suggestion based on his price point. Yea I think maybe getting a single 7970 with those games would be a good starting point to see if he perhaps wants to upgrade up. I've seen some sick eyefinity setups on youtube. Jaw on the ground :)
  9. 120Hz?
    Why did you show me that! I was happy with my single big monitor, too...
  10. hahah! my bad :)
  11. LOL i just saw that too, its okay, i think im definately going with the triple monitor. So go ahead and add that in. I mean, im looking towards the future, but i jsut cant resist, it looks terrific.
  12. Well here is what a build may look like with both configurations although dark has a different setup for the hard drives and cases. I like the HAF series from cooler master because cooler master makes amazing cases and this one in particular you get amazing features and cooling for a small price. I also tried to save a little money on the power supply and get there enthusiast line rather then there gold because those cost a little more. Either way this isn't a be all end all build its just what I think would possibly fit what you are after.

    Well here is a build with the 7950's

    and another with the 7970's
  13. Those builds look good - the only thing I'd change is to get RAM with a lower CAS latency. Intel doesn't benefit past 1600MHz, but the ram itself will be faster. The set I like has a CAS 7.
  14. Oh yea I went with a low profile vengeance kit I'm trying to find one around that range. I'm only able to find one set in the low profile range its a 16 gig 4x4x4x4
  15. Hey "Dark" So would the first build you gave me be capable for Maxing out games on triple monitor? Or would the second build do the same performance for a lesser price? and i mean i could always down grade from eyefinity triple monitors to single right?
  16. Thing is, you don't need to max out all games. So here's what I'd do.
    Go with a build like this: (And buy yourself a case, of course.)

    Then pay attention to two things. If you want better sound, buy a sound card.

    If you want more graphics oomph, then buy a second graphics card.

    The thing is, the games you play tend to be more CPU intensive than GPU intensive. (I mean, an i5 with a 9800GT could max out WoW, so...)
  17. Alrighty than, i think its settled. And i dont have to worry about the amount of games i can play and it lagging or slowing down on me right? Enough memory?

    And you caan do eyefinity and crossfire with just one GPU? And so basicly the i5 CPU would be just perfect, run smooth?
  18. More than enough memory. If you were playing, say, battlefield 3, you'd want more VRAM. But for what you're doing, you're golden.
  19. And you caan do eyefinity and crossfire with just one GPU? And so basicly the i5 CPU would be just perfect, run smooth?
  20. well with 3 monitors he would probably want more vram :) and concurred golden! And yes you can do eyefinity with just one card. and the intel 3570k is probably there as one of the top 3 gaming cpu's
  21. Well i think its settled. With all this info, and builds, i think i might be ready to start buying this stuff. and how much VRAM? is that just RAM lol?? or special kind of memory?
  22. it's video video memory your system goes through ram but when you use graphic programs it will draw from video memory even in crossfire you will still only have 3 gigabytes of memory even though together it would =6 either way basically you will get a faster ram experience with 2 cards I think its all quite enough for what you're doing :) Don't worry about it quite yet till you know you need 2 cards they be expensive man!
  23. So how long will my two video cards last on triple monitors before they start giving me problems.?
  24. Well right now a 7970 on a single screen you could turn up all the settings to the max with AA and AF up but with 2 7970's on 3 screens I'm sure the experience would be quite similar all settings up. As time goes on you may have to scale back and turn off AA and AF but enthusiast cards your 7970s your 680s will probably be good for some time and you will be able to play games at a very high detail for a few years in most cases not all.
  25. Take what big just said with a grain of salt. The 7970s can max out the extremely intense games without problems right now. Your games are much less graphically intense, and much more CPU intense - so a single 7970 should last you a very long while.
  26. Alright guys well Thanks a lot, i think i know what im going for. This has been a phenomenal help on your part, and i cant explain how much i appreciate the assist and insight. Its because of folks like you that people get the best out of things, and come back and do the same for others. Thanks for the help, and i really appreciate it. When i have the rig up, ill be sure to send you guys the setup, or just put it on youtube.
  27. Glad to hear it! If you need any more help, just let us know.
  28. No problem, Can do! Thankyou again.
  29. Glad to hear we could help you. Yea that would be great a youtube vid or something would be cool. Once they close these threads you can no longer go back and respond so send a private message please so we can see whats happening after they lock the thread.
  30. Sure thing. Oh, and one last question. For the monitors, is it a big deal if its LED or not? I mean whats the huge difference? And for the high def graphics are there any other cables i have to get serparetly? Do i use only HDI cables for all three monitors.?

    And is it official that guild wars 2 can be played on eyefinity crossfire? if not, is there a tool i can get to do so.?
  31. Led is a better backlight then your normal LCD because it draws less power, more detail, and a richer picture. Here is a link to help you out with that.

    Guild Wars Eyefinity

    This will help you set it up :)
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