Would this be a bottleneck?

Im buying a cyberpowerpc and getting a AMD- Fx 6100 and a AMD Raedon 7850. Would it useless to have this processor paired with this graphics card, or would it be worth it?
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    The Fx series is not AMD's best creation, however it should be ok with the hd7850. Whats your budget? You could get a nice i5 that performs better.
    Also what are the other components that you are choosing?
  2. Im buying a cyberpowerpc special that has AMD so I have my hands tied :[ but Im spending about $770 including the OS. Im getting corsair 8gb ram, my psu is Corsair 500 watts 80 plus
  3. I would get a phenom II x6 if you can, as it is better than the fx6100. And the i5-2500k as an example is a much better choice. You should not see any major bottleneck, but what are your other options?
  4. I can only go with the fx 6300 or 4300 really but id have to lower my graphics card to something else since its a $30 increase in price
  5. I would love to go the intel route but the computer Im customizing does not have that option and the other intel configurators have like $80 shipping
  6. Well if you are stuck with the fx line of processors, then you might as well stay with the fx6100 and stick with the gpu you are getting.
  7. alright do you think OC will help on my CPU and I have liquid cooling so heats not a problem
  8. Yes an overclock would help, check out this review:,3098-10.html

    But keep in mind if you are paying $700 it is a closed loop liquid cooling system so heat can be a problem if you go to high, it is not the same as a custom loop setup.

    Also I would really recommend an intel CPU even if it costs a bit more. In that link you can see the big difference between the two.
  9. ^ The two CPU's they compare in that link are the fx6100 overclocked to 4.4ghz and an i5-2500k also at 4.4ghz,3098-6.html
  10. Well im fine as long as i get a constant 60-70fps should i downgrade my gpu and just save some money?
  11. Should i just change the setup run an i5 and 7850 and use a stock cooler on my cpu?
  12. Check out the pc I configured for you:

    It costs $834 and has a nice i5-3570k
  13. I would get the phenom II x6. The fx has problems that make them not worth it. And Intel is better than both of those.
  14. yeah id do it, but shipping is $75 and tax is $50 ;[ darn california tax laws, i even slimmed it down to 730 but the extra stuff bumps me up too high
  15. Im 16 lol and times are tough haha
  16. Thank you for the help though! :]
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  18. No problem, if you need any help just post
  19. which of these processors wont bottleneck the 7850, fx-4300, fx-6300, fx-8120, fx-8150?
  20. There might be a small bottleneck at times, as you saw in the review links i sent you for the fx6100, if you overclock it will perform better. But the fx8150 is not a perfect processor either. So if you plan on getting a fx8150 you might as well for that price get a i5 2500k.
  21. Which one of the amd processors would be my best option?
  22. Well the 8150 is the best of the bunch, but the 6100 or the 8120 will be your best bet, if you can't get the top dog. The 8120 is better than the 6100, as it has 8 cores rather than 6, and gets higher frame rates.

    Check out this review:,1.html
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