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Upgrades for Desktop

Hello, Im planning to upgrade my desktop (Emachines W3609, People say its not worth it, but, Im wanting to see what other people think... if these components are good for some games...)

Graphics card from Intel GMA 946 to HIS radeon 5450 ( (Is this better then the Intel GMA 3000,965,950?)

Ram from 512Mb to 4 gb ram (I've been looking around, and, people state that they have been able to put 4gb ram in this machine... Since the board supports it..) (

Powersupply from 300W to 500W (If i can find a powersupply, That i have, it might work, But is a bit outdated "only has IDE hard drive power connectors, So, I might just use both power supplys, But if i do, I can get a cheaper powersupply...) (

(OPTIONAL: Fan controller, aftermarket CPU cooler)

Computer specs without upgrades:

CPU: Intel Celeron D 3.33 ghz,
RAM: 512 mb
harddrive: 120gb

Games planning to run:
Minecraft (dont have to if i cant)
World of tanks (TOTALY OPTIONAL)
nfs underground
LASR (L.A Street Racing)
Garrys mod (AGAIN, OPTIONAL)
Team fortress 2

Total (without OPTIONAL) 155$

I do have enough to upgrade this, Now, If i say "is it worth it" you guys are gonna be like "NO ITS NOT" or something similar. So, Please, My best computer in the house i have right now, Is:

Pentium 4, 3.1 Ghz
3.1 gb ram
Nvidia geforce 6600 (NOT GT) pci-e

So, Is this worth it, Better then the best computer i have?
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  1. It depends on the resolution. This is pretty old, but I mean it looks like you are running simple games at least. TF2 is the only one I would think would not run. Then again, it has low graphics settings.

    What resolution are you playing at?
  2. Hmm, I might be planning to use a 19 inch, if not, I might use a 17-16"... If not, Then i will use the monitor that it came with...
  3. Hey, I found a Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX on kijiji... will this be okay? will it be bottlenecked by the cpu?
  4. I think the 9800GTX would be bottlenecked by the CPU yes, but at this point, I don't think bottlenecks would really be an issue anyway.
  5. Is the other Gcard okay though?
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    The first one you listed is pretty slow.

    Either way, I would really recommend just saving for a new computer.
  7. .... Hmm.. Okay, I guess i should not upgrade this? how come? how would this be slow to a computer with similar upgrades? but, I guess, If i can, I will upgrade this... I will see if i can get the new one, but if i dont get it upgraded after the new year, I will just end up building my own... Thanks for the help!
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  9. Well, as a first, you don't really need a new power supply for a 5450, if you want to buy it, it uses very little power.
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